About Michael Mendes

537da9fb5ee71_@!@_Mendes_ColorPossessing a diversity of experience as an executive leader, Michael J. Mendes serves as chief executive officer of the San Francisco Bay Area, California-based Just Desserts, a premium commercial bakery offering a wide variety of baked goods at locations across the United States. Among other items, the company produces premium cakes, cupcakes, brownie bites, and a selection of single-serving mini cakes. Highly experienced in the food industry, Michael J. Mendes previously served as chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Diamond Foods, Inc., where he played a key role in establishing new brands for the company and transformed many of the company’s operations and marketing initiatives.

In addition to facilitating the continued growth of Just Desserts, Michael Mendes devotes time, energy, and resources to a number of civic-minded endeavors in and around his local community. Among others, he serves on the board of directors for Envision Education, as well as the City Ballet of San Francisco, which he serves as chairman.


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